Tuesday 19 May 2020

Tips, tricks and techniques Tuesday

Today's sample shows 2 little tips. I think they  help with 2 techniques that divides crafters like Marmite ( a savoury spread here in the UK)  you either love it or hate it!!
One is fussy cutting and the other is distressing. I've used both on today's card.
Now my card might not look distressed in the usual way but rather in a clean modern way. Now that sounds rather contradictory I know but bear with me. One of the things that is often used when creating a distressed card is splatering.
Now I use my alcohol blends but rather than tap the pen on another pen. What I do is use the brush end and the cap of the pen. Put the brush into the cap slightly and flick onto your project. I think it gives quite a controlled splatter.
My second tip is about fussy cutting. Now lots of people don't like it as it can be tricky but my best tip is one that might help make it easier for you. Get your comfy scissors and image that you want to fussy cut out. Now move the paper not your scissors I know that sounds very basic but it really is the best tip I know! Practice and I promise it will help you fussy cut with ease 😁

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