Saturday 20 October 2012

Well it's been a busy week here and am sooo looking forward to a day spent playing with paper and ink tomorrow :)
Did you know it's only 9 weeks till Christmas??????
How's all the preparations going?
have you made all you handcrafted cards yet?
If you haven't then may be we can help you out ...... Gill and I are running a selection of classes that are featuring christmas cards over the next month or so.
 The first class will be on friday the 2nd of november and is a stamp-a-stack class where you can make 8 cards for £10 or even better you can have the class for FREE if you place an order with us for more than £25!!!
Here's a sneek peek at the class
Want to know more???
Just give us a shout and we'll be more than pleased to help ;)
Have fun xxx

Friday 12 October 2012

Well it's our new catologue launch party tomorrow so I'm rushing around getting every thing ready :)
Just the final finishing touches and the tidying up to go then I can get to baking some lovely cookies using the Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps
Yummy festive stamped cookies! 3 silicone stamps (ea. 7 cm diam.);
1 handle. Food-safe, easy to clean. Recipes included.

When I've made a batch I'll try and take a photo before they all get eaten!!!
If your interested in having a go please give us a shout and we'll be happy to help :)
Have fun xxx

Thursday 11 October 2012


Join Stampin’ Up! in your way . . . with our completely customisable Starter Kit for just 129 € / £99!
Build your own personal kit by picking 175 € / £130 worth of any of our high-quality products. We’ll add in a business supplies pack valued at 60 € / £45 (to help you get your business up and running), and you’ve got a customisable kit worth up to 235 € / £175 for just 129 € / £99!
It’s that easy.
Here's the link to a great way to have fun meet new people and share what you love :)

Saturday 6 October 2012


Well as a card maker this has to be the best reason to get my toys out and play!!! 
With Christmas just around the block I thought I'd share a card that is part of an up coming class we're running soon, date to be confirmed! The class is based around a single stamp that will be included in the price as well as all the materials to make 4 cards including envelopes!!! ( sorry about the poor piccie, I'm not a great photographer!!!!) Oh by the way the sparkle is far blingier, not sure if that's a real word but it means what it says, in real life!!!!! lol
Have a great day and hope you all get to play along too xxx