Saturday 2 May 2015

Shaving Foam Technique Class

Materials needed:
Can of cheap shaving foam, paper plates, kitchen roll, Stampin' Up! re-inkers in 3 colours, cocktail sticks or pokey tool, disposable gloves and a black bag! Whisper white cardstock and or glossy paper.
Spray the shaving foam all over the plate to a depth of approx 4 cm or 1 and a half inches. Use your gloves at this stage and add a few drops of each colour re-inker over the surface of the shaving foam. Using the cocktail stick or pokey tool, gently cut through the colours and spread the ink through the foam. Lay a card sized piece of Whisper White cardstock or glossy paper (we used C6 card fronts) flat onto the foam for a few seconds. Lift it up by the corner and lay face down onto a few pieces of kitchen roll. Press more Kitchen roll down on top of the card. The shaving foam will squeeze out from underneath. After a few seconds, turn your card over and dab some more kitchen roll over the image to dry. It should dry very quickly. You can continue the process a few more times before adding more re-inkers to freshen or change the colours within the foam.
 Repeat adding cards to the foam and make as many card  fronts as you wish.

 This is a messy technique but oh so much fun. Enjoy!

Below are some of the card fronts made using this process.


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