Friday 1 April 2016

Well I dusted off the iron.....

Now I'm not known for my domestic skills but I've finally found a way to use an iron and be happy using it!!!...
Wax paper resist technique! ,
It's  so satisfying to see the patterns magically appear when you apply the ink!
To create the background for the first card I just scrunched up a piece of wax paper roughly the size of the shiny card I was using. Next I placed one piece of shiny card on a heat proof surface shiny side up then open out the wax paper and place on top. I then put another piece of  shiny card , shiny side down, on top.
Now set the iron to a hot setting but make sure you've  turned the steam off!
When the iron gets to temperature gently iron over the card sandwich. Make sure you keep the iron moving and don't over iron the card sandwich.
Carefully separate the card and set aside to cool. You now have 2 backing pieces to use 😊
I used reinker dropped into water in a spritzer and spritzed over the card and set aside to dry and watched the pattern  appear.
For the second and third card I used the same technique  but instead of scrunching a whole sheet of we paper I punched various circles of wax paper and folded them then placed them on top of the first sheet of card and carefully put the second on top and continued as before.
Well I hope  you've  enjoyed  this week's inspiration and will give the resist technique a try.
Next week's  inspiration will be from Gill
Until then have fun
Cary ☺ xx


  1. Cool technique, love this effect, the cards look great
    Allison ��

  2. Cool technique, love this effect, the cards look great
    Allison ��

  3. Fabulous resist techniques and projects, truly inspiring, thanks for sharing! Xxx