Friday 4 November 2016

Surprise. ...

Don't you just love getting surprises?
I certainly do! And today's sample would,in my opinion,  make a great way to give something special to that someone special  😉
On the outside this box is quite plain and simple just a splash of red glimmer paper on the bow to make to take above boring. But you know what they say about small packages holding big surprises well lift the lid and you'll see....
Another box! Lol the exploding box mini album makes a great gift packaging I think! 

Open this box and wait for it.....another box!

Now this little one has a ruby red glittery lid made from the red glimmer paper

And here is where that little something  can be deposited ☺
The nesting boxes of this exploding box remind me of Russian dolls, I think they're called  matryoshka. 

I hope you've enjoyed this week's inspiration and are ready to rock the world with glimmer paper!  
Next weeks inspiration will be from the oh so talented Gill and I hope you'll join me in enjoying the wonderfull inspiration that she'll be sharing with us.
Have a great weekendand have fun
Cary ☺ xx 

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