Wednesday 15 March 2017

Just a bit more...

Playing with the marbles and reinker's was fun but then my imagination took off! What would happen if i used the Versamark reinker? Oh boy that opened up a whole different way to play!
First I used just Versermark and using the same technique as on Monday then applied clear embossing powder and heated to create a fine textured effect to the dark card stock as shown in the first sample below.

 Then I repeated the ink and marble on white card stock applied clear embossing powder and heated it. I then used a sponge and applied ink all over the card. The ink is resisted by the heat embossed areas and remains white giving a very pleasing effect.

Then I thought Id try the same technique again but use different coloured inks to sponge over to create a more colourful looking piece of card.

 Then I thought what about adding a coloure reinker to the box with the Versamark and then embossing with clear powder. I think the effect is lovely but doesn't show very well in my poor photos I'm have a go yourselves to see how cool it is!  


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    1. Thank you 😊 sorry there's not a video still trying to work that one out!!Lol 😄