Friday 21 April 2017

One step on...

Following on from yesterday's inspiration using the fine tip glue pen for a free hand resist technique I'm much more in my comfort zone today using the pen to draw over a stamped image.
I Stamped the image randomly over the card then used the fine tip to trace over the lines that I  wanted to remain the colour I had stamped in. Then after allowing the glue to dry I again used my sponges and inks to colour the card going over the glued areas.
The areas covered in glue resist the ink and remain the colour they were stamped in. on the pink and green card this is obvious but on the blue card I used a very light blue to stamp then used darker shades to colour over. This gives 2 different look for one technique !!
well I hope you've enjoyed this weeks inspiration and if you'd like to buy a fine tip glue pen please click the link on the right hand side for our shop.
have a great weekend and please join us next week when Gill will be sharing her inspiration for us all to see.
have fun
Cary xx

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