Saturday 11 May 2019

Birthday book tutorial..

Today I'm sharing a photo tutorial for the birthday book I shared at the Telford OnStage local event in April. I had the privilege of being a product spotlight presenter and the birthday book was one of my projects. People have been kind enough to want to know how I made the book so here is a tutorial using different papers but the same structure.  I hope you enjoy the tutorial and find it useful 😊

Cardboard backing from foil card packet

Coloured card stock

Pattern paper

1) cover the 2 cardboard piece with the patterned paper. Make sure if you use a directional pattern you cover the boards carefully.

 2) take the 17.5cm x 8cm piece of card and mark 3cm in on both sides of the longside. Then up 2cm on both ends of the short sides as below.

3) place the 14cm x 1.5cm piece of cardboard in the center of the marked are. Next line up the covers on each side of the center leaving a narrow gap . Glue the pieces down as below.

4) now fold the end pieces in and glue in place. Using a bone folder score down the narrow gap to allow the sides to fold together. 

5) now use the 13.5cm x 29cm piece of card stock and cover the inside of the book as below.

6)  now to make the page holder.  Take a piece of coloured card stock measuring 13.5cm x 8.5cm. Then score along the short side at 1cm, 2cm, 3cm, 3.5cm, 4.5cm, 5.5cm, 6cm, 7cm and 8cm. As below.

7) now carefully fold the score lines and add tear n tape to the 1cm, 3.5cm and 6cm spaces as shown below.

8) fold and adhere as shown below. Fold the 2 outer pieces back and stick down.

9) next add tear n tape as shown to the page holding piece. 

10) now place the flat side in the center of the book as shown.

11) now take the 3 pieces of 13.5cm x 26.5cm coloured card and score each one at 13.5cm and 14cms.

12) now fold each page ,note that there is a long side side and a shorter one. Place the longer side inside the binding strips as shown.

13) That is the basis of the book. Now print out the calendar pages onto copier paper and trim to the black outline edges. Now affix one to each of the 12 pieces of coloured card as below. 

14) next place each card in order into the book and your birthday book is ready to decorate as you like 😊

Well that was a very photo heavy post but I do hope it inspires you to have a go yourself . Below is the link to the calendar pieces.

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  1. Hi Cary. Thank you so much for this. I know I've already said it but so wish I'd been able to say hello in person. X