Wednesday 12 June 2019

Dazzling diamonds glitter...

Do you like monochromatic colour schemes? Usually I choose to use predominantly white with black but for today I've chosen to go mainly black with white highlights.  The reasoning for this is that I wanted to colour my image in with dazzling diamonds glitter. You do need patience for this technique but it sure is worth it! I love how the glitter  that looks white in the tub, shows of all its aurora borealis effect when backed by black card.
To  achieve this effect I first chose an open line image, then heat embossed it with white powder onto a piece of black cardstock.  Then I used tombow multi purpose adhesive to "paint" inside the image. Then I poured the dazzling diamonds glitter all over. I gently pressed down but didn't remove the excess immediately.  After about 5 minutes i gently poured the excess off. Then set the piece aside to dry completely.  As the glue dies clean you can see the effect being achieved. Once it's dried completely,  about half an hour or so for my piece, I used a soft brush to brush off the excess glitter.
I think the effect is stunning but sadly my photos fail to show it in all its sparkling glory... so you just have to try  for yourself 😉

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