Wednesday 21 August 2019

Pretty Peacock...

So today I've  decided to change up my style. Out with the clean and crisp and less is more style and in with the layered and the "more" is best style 😁 I've kept the colour palette simple and monochromatic,  just white and pretty peacock. To create depth and a layered look with ink I've employed the 1st , 2nd and 3rd generation stamping. To achieve this all you do is rather than reink between stamping you huff to  reactivate the remaining ink on the stamp, then stamp. With a deep colour such as pretty peacock you can achieve quite a few generations . To add another "layer" with ink I've  stamped tone on tone. That is I've stamped in pretty peacock ink onto pretty peacock cardstock.  Then of course I've used layers of card and the added depth of the daisy embellishment.  So all in all a little "more" than before but I hope you like it 😁

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