Tuesday 10 December 2019

Balmy Blue..

Now I stamp fir lots of reasons but one of them is because  I'm a frustrated painter!! I'd  love to be able to capture the beauty of the world with a paintbrush or pencil in a few effortless swooshs .....but I can't! So when I discovered stamping it was amazing💡💡💡
Now Stampin Up  carry several scene building stamp seta in a watercolour style and oh my!!! There are some stunning examples created by some incredibly talented people. These samples led me to give it a go..was it going to be the answer to all my painter dreams???
 Well I'll let you be the judge of that. But all I'll  say is please be gentle it's  my first go at this style and I'm a little nervous  to share it.
The moral of this card is don't  be afraid to try new things.  You never know it might become a firm favourite in you papercrafting arsenal....or it might be a fun way to discover it's not for you 😉

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