Monday 13 September 2021

Make it Simple Monday Beauty of Tomorrow

 Did you have a good weekend? I hope so! I did I spent the time visiting with family and crafting... perfect! Especially when the family includes a fellow crafter 😅 we played with the gorgeous Beauty of Tomorrow stamp set. This is a lovely set that has a autumnal feel to it although it doesn't have to just for autumn as you'll see if you some back tomorrow 😉

Beauty of Tomorrow stampin up simple easy begginner card stamping

As always here at 2 Big Girls Crafting Monday's are #simplestamping inspiration.  And today's 2 cards are just that! Using only stamps, ink and paper to create cards that are pleasing to the eye, fun to create and allow the crafter to explore their creativity.

I have used only black ink for today's cards but introduced the generational inking idea. This is where you ink the  stamp once but stamp multiple times. Each time the stamped impression is a lighter tone of the colour.

I have also used a text stamp to create a background. But to achieve this I first stamped my focal image onto the center of my card. I then used a sticky note to cover the image and sentiment. Next I inked up the large text stamp from the set but stamped it first onto scrap paper then with out teinking it stamped it onto the card. 

I repeated the process all over the card including on top of the sticky note to create my background. 

Once I  had removed the sticky not I used watercolour pencils to add a touch of colour to the floral focal image. I then took a fine tip black marker and used a ruler to draw around the edge of the white space to give it a frame. 

And this is the result...

Beauty of Tomorrow stampin up simple stamping easy quick card

Using the same ideas I then made a second card using the same stamps but swapping where I used them. I stamped the text as the focal point and the floral sprig as the background.  I also drew the frame freehand to give it a different look .

Beauty of Tomorrow stampin up simple stamping easy quick card

So which do you prefer 🤔? I can't decide 🤣

Any way as always on a Monday I will be sharing how I created today's projects in a Facebook Live at 4pm BST over on our Facebook page.  I will upload a link to it here once I've done it!

Hope to see you at the live and pop back tomorrow for more inspiration using the lovely  Beauty of Tomorrow stamps.

Beauty of Tomorrow stampin up simple stamping easy card making

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