Thursday 23 December 2021

Throwback Thursday Honeybee Home

 I love colour and bright colours especially 😍. The drab grey days of winter are just mehh to me. My antidote is to create bright bold cards 😁 . So for today's Throwback Thursday project I've  chosen bright bold colours and a new take on an old favourite the shaker card! Using the fabulous Honeybee Home stamps I set to work.

I started by die cutting an appature from a piece of bright green cardstock.  Called granny apple green it's such a bold happy colour. I then placed the mat ontop of my card base front and die cut it out again. I  saved the inner pieces to use later.

I then cut a mat of vellum the same size as the green mat. I used the new hive 3d embossing folder to emboss the vellum. I  also cut a piece of acetate the same size. 

Next I adhered the vellum over the appature on the card front.  I  then place strips of double-sided tape onto the edges of the vellum. Now for the fun bit adding the sprinkles. As this is going to be a flat shaker card it is best to chose flat sprinkles or sequines or glitter. I  chose to use the pretty Shaker shapes as they are flat and are such pretty colours 😍. I added a good pinch of them to the center of the vellum after removing the backing from the tape . Next I carefully placed the acetate on top creating a sandwich with the sprinkles as the filling.

With the sprinkles secured I placed the green mat over the shaker element. I used double sided tape again as it sticks well to the acetate. 

To decorate the front I die cut the appature again in white cardstock but this time I die cut a stitched rectangle from the center of it to create a frame. I  then placed this frame into the appature. Again I kept the die cut center to use later. I  then stamped and cut out some flowers from the Honeybee Home stamps as well as bees and a sentiment. 

I  love the way this card came together..

Honeybee Home stampin up flat shaker card

The colours are bold and bright and fun. The card is flat so good to post...

And the inside is where I used the left over die cut pieces.

Honeybee Home stampin up simple flat shaker bright colours card

All in all a fun card and here's a little video of it in action..

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