Wednesday 22 June 2022

Watercolour Wednesday Cheerful Basket

 Are you a dog or a cat person? Me I love dogs πŸ• . Cats do nothing for me but saying that I'm not immune to their cuteness or their antics. But dogs win out for me πŸ˜‰. Which is why I was surprised to gind my self drawn to this oh so cute kitty in the Cheerful Basket stamp set !!!

Cheerful Basket stampin up watercolour wash and splatter get well card

I started by stamping the kitty onto a piece of masking paper and fussy cut him out. When doing this type of mask I always cut on the stamped outline. I think this gives the best results especially when you are wanting the colour around the image to be as close as possible. I then stamped my kitty onto a card mat. I didn't use watercolour paper as I knew that this was going to be a dryish watercolour wash.

Now the masking paper I used isn't designed for use with water. But it stood up well enough for the quick wash of watercolour I painted over it. I did it in several layers and dried between each one so that the mask didn't get too wet nore stayed wet for too long.

Once I had a watercolour wash I was happy with I kept the mask in place and splattered some grey splodges over top of the piece. I then made sure they were dry and carefully removed my mask.

My cute kitty was revealed in all its white glory.  I decided to use the grey colour to colour him in with tiny touches of very pale pink in his ears.

Cheerful Basket stampin up easy watercolour get well card

Whilst waiting for the watercolour to dry I made my card base and cut a mat of pattern paper. I also stamped and cut up my sentiment.  I then found some white twine and iridescent rhinestones to embellish the card.

Once the watercolour mat was dry I also stamped the little butterfly just to add even more cuteness!

Cheerful Basket stampin up simple watercolour wash get well card

I am really happy with the way today's inspiration came out. I hope you agree with me .

Cheerful Basket stampin up fun watercolour wash get well card

I think this kitty cat will be making more appearances in my future for sure!

Cheerful Basket stampin up watercolour get well card

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