Wednesday 24 August 2022

Watercolour Wednesday - Heron Habitat

I really had fun making this card for today with the Heron Habitat stamp set and dies . I had a piece of Fluid 100 watercolour paper and using a tablespoon of water and a few drops of Balmy Blue ink refill. I washed the blue right across the whole piece of paper. I dried it with my heat gun and repeated the process again using a stronger mix of colour. I continued to do this again but this time using Pear Pizazz and quite a wide, dry brush. Just building up colour and adding drops of ink to the water, I eventually got a muddy sort of colour where the trees and the riverbank came from. I did add a little more colour by squishing my Crumb Cake ink pad and adding a little more colour. Ink refills are absolutely brilliant!

Now as a young girl and one of 5 children, I remember my big brother Trevor, drawing swans and riverbanks. He used to stick his tongue out around his lips while he was drawing! We still take the mickey out of him for doing it. :)) I was remembering him as I was painting the card, it still brings a smile and a chuckle to my face! He's so far away now as he lives in Canada with his family and sadly I haven't seen him for about 4 years. :(  One day...

I continued this time but this time I used the Heron dies and found it really quick too. I cut the legs from the lower heron to show that she's nesting. I hope she is anyway! I cut the paper down to 10cm by 14.4cm and mounted it onto an Old Olive card base.


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