Thursday 16 February 2023

This or That Thursday Easter Bunny

 So far this week of bunny cuteness has all been in subtle pastel hues and tones. Which is what the little cuties from the Easter Bunny bundle were calling out to me in.. but if you've been here before you'll know that I love me some bright and bold colour palettes!

So today I tasked myself with making 2 cards each the same except for the colour palette! One is subtle and the other bright.

I started with the subtle colour palette as I was in that groove. And this is what I came up with...

Easter bunny stampin up blended background friend card

I used a soft shade of orange called pale papaya and blended it into a soft pink called brushing bride. I then used a spritzer bottle to mist water all over.  I then die cut and oval frame and stamped and coloured a bunny in basic grey ink. I coloured the flowers in using pale pink, yellow and green.  I stamped the sentiment directly onto my background in basic grey. 
For my bright version I chose orange and pink again but this time much bolder ones. The orange is called mango melody and the pink polished stone. 

Easter bunny stampin up blended background friend card

This time I stamped in black ink as the bolder colour palette can handle it. 
A few Iridescent pearls on both and they were just gorgeous 😍  The only trouble is why do I still find myself drawn to the subtle version? 
The bright is gorgeous but for me the bunny looks so darn cute with a subtle colour palette! Which do you prefer?  Subtle?  Or Bright?

Easter bunny stampin up blended background friend card

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