Friday 19 August 2016

And finally. ..

Today's one sheet wonder is not a cutting guide for cards...its a cutting guide for a file box to hold all the cards I made this week!
The box only takes one 12"×12" sheet of card plus paper to decorate ☺
So here is the cutting guide.
I've marked the score lines with a broken line, ------ and the cut lines with a solid line, first score the card at 5" and 7".
Then rotate the card 45% and cut at the 5" mark to the first score line then from the 9.5" mark to the first score line.
Turn the card 90% and repeat the cuts.
Turn the card 45% and cut 1" out from the score line on each side to create the tabs. Turn the card 90% and repeat. 
I've used black card so have shown the lines in white below

Here is a photo of what the template looks like once all the cutting and scoring have been done
Now to create the sloping sides of the file box.measure in 4.5" from the outside edge at the 9.5" cut line and mark. Cut from the mark to the 5" line diagonally.  Repeat on the other side.
Once cut the template should look like below
I've decorated mine simply by adding pattern paper on each of the panels. I've then applied strong tape to the tabs as shown below
Fold the side panels up and and attatch to the tabs.
This is my finished example
And here it is holding all the cards I've made this week using the one sheet wonder technique that I've share...A total of 30! Yes 30 cards ready and waiting to be sent out! 😀

Well that's it from me next week's inspiration will be provided by Gill ☺
Have a crafty weekend
Have fun
Cary ☺ xx


  1. This is awesome... thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Mary Ellen thank you for your kind words ��
    Keep watching because Gill and I will be posting more tutorials over the coming months ��
    Have fun
    Cary ��