Wednesday 10 August 2016

Twisted gate fold card tutorial. ..

Hi as requested here's a short photo tutorial on how to make the twisted gate fold card that I showcased on Friday the 5th of August. I hope it makes sense!
So here goes...
Start with apiece of card stock measuring 14.85 cm x 2 1cm,  in the uk this is a standard A5 piece of card. Then score along the long side at 7cm and 14cm.  Then score diagonally from the top left hand corner to the 7cm score line. Then score from the top the 14cm score line to the bottom right hand side of the card.
This is the basic card blank!
To decorate cut panels as below

Adhere your panels as per these pictures

This is the twisted card you can now embellish and decorate as desired.

I hope this is ok and makes sense any questions please comment below or send us a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Have fun
Cary ☺ x


  1. What size envelope do you use for finished card?

  2. Thank you! I saw it on someone else's site and their directions were not as good. Being in the U.S. I'll convert to inches. Thanks, again for your great directions.

  3. what size envelope do you use to put this card in?

  4. Thanks you’re so nice to share.

  5. You are so nice to your expertise with us. Thanks.

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