Saturday 6 April 2019

Today's tutorial is the card that I made for my son on his birthday.
I made this one as an A5 card.
I will be showing the instructions however for a C6 card
Step 1: Take a piece of A4 card and cut in half landscape at 14.85 cm.
Step 2:
You will need both pieces. turn them both landscape.
Using the 1st piece SCORE 1cm or 3/8" from one side. Then SCORE from the other edge
10 cm or 3,15/16"( SOOO much simpler in centimetres)!
2nd piece, CUT 1cm or 3/8" off and score as above.


Step 3:
To make the framework you need to cut a rectangle out that is 1.5cm  or 5/8" from the side edges on the uprights and 2cm or 3/4" from the edges on the lower and top edges. This should give you an aperture of approximately 7.1cm by 11cm.
See image above after the pieces are cut away from the panels.

Step 4:
Place tape or glue on the 1cm edge and join the other piece to this.
Once taped/glued together, the panels will look like this, above after folding. Make sure that the centre piece has a Mountain fold and the outer folds are valleys.

Step 5:
Take a piece of White card and cut 2 pieces Landscape at 10.8cm or 4,1/4". The pieces will be 21cm or 8,1/4" long.
Step 6:
As before with the green card, cut 1cm or 3/8" from 1 edge on 1 piece and on the other piece,
SCORE 1cm or 3/8" on 1 edge. 1 piece will be 20cm long and the other 21cm long.
On the 21cm panel from the unscored edge, score at 5cm or 1,15/16" and 10cm or 3,15/16"
On the 20cm panel, score from 1 end at the same measurements as above.
They will look like the picture below.
Step 7:
Tape or glue on the 1cm or 3/8" edge and fix the other panel to it. Firm the folds at this point to like like the picture below.
Note that this time the centre panel is a Valley fold, the next 2 are Mountain and the latter 2 are both Valley folds.

Step 8:
Decorate the White mat as you like BEFORE feeding it through the Framework as in the picture below.

Step 8 continued:
I used Stampin' Up! Butterfly Gala and Watercolour Pencils for this one.
Please click HERE for more information on the stamp set and punch.
Click HERE for more information on the Watercolour pencils.
Once decorated, put tape or glue on the outer front edges of the white card and fix this onto the outer rear edge of the framework. 
Below are the measurements drawn out onto the blanks.
I do hope you'll send or post pictures of your cards on our blog or Facebook page.
Thank you for asking for instruction. Gill X

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