Friday 22 May 2020

Fun Fold Friday...

Fun folds don't always have to be complicated or complex to create a wow effect. And today's card packs a punch for very little cutting or technical folding.
In fact there is only 1 cut and 2 score lines used to create today's card
First take a piece of card measuring 29.7cm x 14.85cm .
Now score along the long side at 9.9cm in from each end.
With the card landscape mark the right hand edge at 5cm up from the bottom. Now cut diagonally from the top left hand point to the 5cm mark. ( see photos for a better idea)
This piece is the base for your card. I cut another piece of card at 28.7cm x 14.4cm scored it at 9.4cm from each end. I then stamped all over it. I cut up the scorelines to make 3 panels. I then took the center panel and used it as a template to cut another one. I stamped this 4th piece on the revese side. Now when I attacked the panels to my card base I double ched that they left a boarder on all sides and trimed if needed.
Now you can fold this card 2 ways. And I did it the wrong way!! 😒 but hey its my card is what it is 🤣
Well that's it for me this week. We have a team zoom get together tomorrow and a team challenge on Sunday via zoom too so the weekend should be a very sociable one even though I won't be leaving the house 🌞
I hope you have a good weekend and will join me in watching for Gill's creations here next week.
Have fun
Cary xx

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