Monday 31 August 2020

Make It Monday

Make It Monday  #simplestamping

Hello, I hope you have all had a good week? Mine was crazily busy just for a change! NOT!  

I have no idea what's happening with me at the moment all sorts of things are going wrong!  😬

Last week for example, the memory foam cushion I sit on exploded! 💥💥 I would never have believed that a cushion would be filled with oil! It was. The oil (supposedly gel) had leaked everywhere just like all liquids do. My son thought that I'd had an accident of all things! Definitely not!!!

It transpires that my cushion was filled with gel and enclosed in a bag inside the seat cushion cover. The bag just decided to burst open with a bang! I must admit, I did think I had broken my chair initially but thankfully I hadn't! Phew! 😁 A new cushion will hopefully arrive this week.

Anyway, I've had a job to decide what to show this week so I decided on a stamp set that I don't normally use. 

As we are now at the end of the summer and the children are going back to school into the Autumn term I chose to use the new stamp set called Autumn Greetings.  I rather like this set as it clearly shows all of the gorgeous autumn produce. I just love the colours of the trees and leaves in autumn, it's really stunning. More information HERE on the stamp set.

I have only stamped a few of the edges of the stamp along one edge for which I used Gray Granite Ink Pad. As the grand children were in bed, I borrowed their colouring pencils again to add a little sparkle of colour. I stood the edges of the card onto the Crushed Curry ink pad which was also used for the messages.  

A very quick and simple card for this really cold but bright Monday.

#simple card #quick card  #Autumn Greetings  #Stampin' Up!

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