Tuesday 29 March 2022

Tips tricks and techniques Tuesday Count on Me

 Do you ever buy a stamp set just because you saw 1 stamp used by someone ? What they'd done just inspired you so much!! And today's card is featuring that one stamp... the uber cute bear 🐻 😍 from the Count on Me from stampin up stamp set.

The bear has been used by many talented people in so many ways. The look that I have been very drawn to are where the stampers have altered the stamped image. Now I am no artist! I struggle to draw a squiggly line let alone a straight one 🤣 So the thought of altering a stamped image by drawing is a bit scary!!

My first tip is to stamp the image a few times onto scrap paper and just give it a try. As they say practice makes perfect! So I used a pencil and lightly drew in the lines. Once happy with where the lines are I used a black marker pen with a fine nib to draw over them. Once done I erased the pencil lines and started colouring. See the steps below.

Count on me stampin up fun colouring and dressing the bear

Now in the examples below I've used pencils to colour but for the examples above I used alcohol markers.  I like the effect both gave. 

Count on me stampin up fun changes to stamps

For my card I used alcohol markers and a white gel pen to add the details to the bears outfits. 

Count on me stampin up cute bear card

For the card I started by blending a light blue colour all over a mat of card. I then used dies to create a scene for my bears to be in. 

Count on me stampin up fun scene card

I love this card even though it's not my usual style.  I  really enjoyed getting my fashion designer on 😅 

Count on me stampin up fun cute bear card

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