Monday 21 March 2022

Make It Simple Monday - Handsomely Suited

This week I'm actually cheating. Using the Handsomely Suited stamp set which we used for our annual mens class last year. I took a white mat of card and pencilled a little mark in the centre point. Then I took one of the tie stamps (there are 2) I stamped a cross initially making the top of the tie stamp into the centre. That means the top of the tie will be stamped over several times so that's not an issue as hid that part. Then I continued by adding the four corners in and finished off with the ties stamped either side of the images I had already stamped. Once I completed that , I cut it down and added it to a beautifully soft blue of Balmy Blue. I added a little strip of ribbon to one end and then adhered the whole lot onto the white card base.

Obviously, to hide all of the tie knots, I had to add a mat for the sentiment but I raised mine up using Dimensionals (foam shapes). 

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