Tuesday 9 May 2023

Tips tricks and techniques Tuesday Little Monkey

 For today's card I've  used a little creative license with the cute monkey from Little Monkey stamp set. I gave him a cute stripey jumper!

Little monkey stampin up fun colourful card

This is a fun easy way customise a stamped image . All you need is a fine line marker pen. You don't even need a steady hand!! Just draw a line for the bottom of the jumper around the monkey's waist.  Then draw a line on each arm for the sleeves. 
I gave my monkey a striped jumper but plain or a diamond pattern would be fun too. You could even make it a polka dot top ... the variation is endless!

Little monkey stampin up fun colourful card

I used the banana stamps to create a simple but fun background mat. I then die cut an appature from it. I used 3d foad to mount the mat onto another after I'd stamped my sentiment onto it. This ment that my monkey could pop out from the appature. 
A few leaves and layers and my card was done.
Little monkey stampin up fun colourful card

Don't be afraid of giving altering your stamped image a go. Practice on scrap paper first. I'm sure you'll have fun coming up with your own designer creations 😃

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