Friday 5 May 2023

Fun Fold Friday - Dainty Delight

 Friday is here already and my last card although is a fun fold, it is an easy one. This isn't my design it's one that I saw on Pinterest by Connie Stewart in USA. She called it her Valentine fun fold.  It's brilliant! I made my card base in the lovely Misty Moonlight card that has just been returned to us as a staple colour. It is a mid blue not as dark as Night of Navy but it's going to be used as much as it was too. I am so pleased it's back. I cut 3 white mats. One was 9.5cm by 14.4cm and 2 which are 9cm by 11cm. Using the Dainty Delight stamps, I stamped the largest image onto the largest white mat and each of the 2 other images onto a mat. I have kept the design very simple once again with just a flower and a sentiment on each mat.  

I have made my chart in metric measurements, if you would like them worked out in Imperial (inches) please let me know. I have cut a piece of card portrait style at 29.7cm by 14.8cm, I scored at 4.9c, and 9.9cm from each side landscape. I turned the card portrait again and measured 1.5cm from each side between the 2 score lines and cut them. This was repeated on the other long edge too. I then cut through the score line nearest the centre on each side. I added some DSP on the 2 outer edges and the 4 narrow 1.5cm deep bars at the top and bottom. I cut 2 Balmy Blue mats 9.5cm by 11.5cm and adhered each one to the second of the scored panels on each side so that the edge of the paper goes toward the cut inner part of the card base. I added the 2 white mats onto the Balmy Blue mats and the White mat in the centre I  have since the photos, added a Balmy Blue mat behind that too. 
I knew there was something not quite balanced in my card and only as I was writing about it did I realise what was missing! To err is human I am told and boy ... am I human! 😁😁


That's it from me for another week, thank you so much once again for stopping by. I do hope that you have been inspired to make some cards for yourself to give to others too. Today's card will be going to my Daughter in law's mum for her birthday. I do make a lot of birthday cards as I am always sending them out!

Cary will be back to share her creations with you next week so until I return the week after next, please stay safe, keep well and as always, 


😍😍 xx Gill xx 😍😍

Below is the link for the Imperial measurements and the video of Connies that I watched. Copy and paste the link below and it will take you straight to it.,vid:Ojxn9AXlq2M


  1. I would like to see non-metric measurements, please

  2. Hello Shirtale1, thank you. If you copy and paste the link I placed above, you will see all of the measurements in inches there. I'm sure you'll have great fun making it too. Gill xx