Wednesday 28 June 2023

Watercolour Wednesday - Translucent Florals

 For my watercolour day, today I went the whole hog so to speak! I had a piece of Fluid 100 watercolour paper and soaked it using a water brush back and forth across the paper. Then using 2 different colours, I chose Berry Burst, Lemon Lolly and Pretty Peacock ink refills. I put a drop onto some acetate and picked a little up with a narrow brush and let it smoosh across the very wet paper. I did the outer 2 colours first and then the Lemon Lolly in the centre last. I loved watching the way the colours all merged together with the softened edges too. You can see the even the Pretty Peacock has different shades too. While that was drying, I took another piece of watercolour paper and washed that too with a large brush. I then used Balmy Blue to cover the whole piece. I love that there are dark parts and lighter parts offsetting the whole page. Once the first sheet was dry, I stamped the leaves and flowers across the colourful mat and squeezed as much in as possible.  It was then just a case of fussy cutting them all out. That was fun! I do love a bit of fussy cutting! I then placed several of the pieces over the blue mat to see how they looked. I am pleased with the end result. 

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