Friday 2 June 2023

Fun Fold Friday - Memories and More - Bright and Beautiful

Friday is here and it's fun fold day!  As with the rest of this week, I have made 2 cards. The first is very similar to one that Cary made for an event that we recently held using 2 envelopes. Mine, however is slightly different. Using the Memories and More Bright and Beautiful envelopes I removed the edges of the envelopes by a very narrow hair on 3 sides only! I left the flap on at this point and it left only the front of the 2 envelopes for my card front. I then added 1cm of Tear and Tape adhesive across the flap on the first envelope. It needed 2 rows of tape. I attatched the other envelope flap to the first before placing some more tape to the other side. I then removed the remaining part of the envelope flap and added some more tape to the back of this and sealed it across the back of the now card base. I added 2 pieces of white card to the inside both measuring 10cm by 14.4cm. Using the Memories and More Bright and Beautiful cards, I took one of the smaller cards from the pack and as I had already used the Balloon earlier this week, I had the frame left. I added a piece of window Sheet to the back of the card then added foam strips around the balloon shape and the outer edges. I placed some of the self-adhesive balloon die-cuts  to the centre of the card and then some of the small sequins called For Everything Fancy Sequins. Sadly they are retired now and I haven't yet bought anything to replace them! I used a pinch of the 3 different colours to the centre and then placed the small card onto the middle of the card. After adding some sentiments and decorating the inside, I now have a lovely shaker card.

Card 2 

My second card is very different. A friend of ours had showed us how to make the card this week so here is my version of it. For the card base, I used a piece of Bubble Bath, soft pink card and cut a mat                                                                                                                                                              1,  14.85cm by 16cm (5,7/8" by 6,1/4"). This was scored at 1.5cm and 3cm (5/8" by 1,1/8") from each side.                                                                                                                                                                             2, 2 mats also in Bubble Bath card 5cm by 13.8cm, (2" by 4,1/2").  

3, 2 more panels 4cm by 12.8cm (1,1/2" by 5 ,1/16") 

4, 2 further small panels 4.5cm by 12cm (1,3/4" by 4,3/4"). Score both of these 2 pieces at 1.5cm and 3cm. (5/8" and 1,1/8")                                                                                                                                  I managed to get the whole card out of 1 sheet of A4. Back to the card base and the 2 scored mats, I burnished all of the scored lines in both directions to ensure they were crisp folds. I added the largest of the mats to the first of the scored lines on the card base. Add the other 2 scored mats to the outer edge of the previous panels then add the last 2 panels to the the outer edge of the previous panels. This is now the completed card and now to decorate it. 

The only additional piece that you may need is a belly band. Mine is 2cm by 22cm (3/4" by 8,3/4") Once decorated, wrap the belly band around the card with out making it too tight as your card will need to be opened by the person receiving it. 

I cut all of my DSP mats 0.4cm (1/8") smaller than the card mats themselves. 

I believe the card originally was one from Annette Sullivan. I am sorry but I have no idea where she is based but I would like to thank her on her beautiful card.


Thank you for stopping by this week once again. Cary will return on Monday with more of her designs to share with you. 
Until I return, please keep well, stay safe but most of all.....


xx 😍😍 Gill 😍😍 xx

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