Sunday 11 September 2016

And last but not least..The all together box instructions! ....

For the final tutorial of the weekend I've go the how to for this project

 So here we go....
First the box it's self  is available from Stampin ' Up!  The item code is 127551 and the cost in English pounds is £6.25 for a pack of 4 full sized wide stamp cases.
The measurements for the piece of card that I've used to decorate the box with may need slight trimming for each individual box as the card sits behind the soft plastic cover on the front of the box and each of them maybe sealed slight differently!  I have used card and stamped a pattern but you could of course use DSP the choice is you.  The card measures 17.5cm x 29 cm.  The band that I've stuck on top of the plastic cover is 2.5 cm    x 29 cm and the label was created using the 2 and a half inch circle le die and 2" circle punch.

For the inside of the box ..
The top half of my box I've cut a piece of card measuring  12.5cm x 18. 5cm and adhered it to the inside of the case using strong tape. I then made the receipt file buy cutting a piece of card measuring 12.5cm x 22. 5cm. I then scored it at 8cm,9 cm, 18.5cm cm mark and 20.5 cm as below
I then took 2 pieces of card stock measuring 8cm x 8cm and scored them both one one side at 1cm, 2 cm,  3 cm,  4 cm,  5 cm,  6 cm and d 7cm. As below
I then accordion folded them and a plied glue and each end as below.
 These pieces create the sides of the receipt wallet. Place one folded piece along the edge of the large wallet piece at the 9 cm mark see below
Repeat on on the other edge then fold the 0 to 8cm piece up to create the wallet as below
In my project I rounded the corners and decorated with DSP. I used a thin magnet as  closure but you could use a small bit of hook and loop.  I used strong tape to adhere the wallet to the back panel of my box. I also covered a small post it note ,decorated it and placed it next to the wallet see below
On the bottom of the box I created a divided  notepad holder. I cut a piece of card measuring 12.5cm x 22 cm.  I then scored it at 8cm, 9 cm,  10cm, 12cm, 13 cm and 14cm. I folded these as below and stuck  them together also below

This insert was then adhered to the base of the box again using strong tape. 
To create the pen holder in the spine of the box I cut 2 pieces of card stock measuring 2.5cm x 18 cm.  I placed 2 short pieces of ribbon 5cm from each end of one piece of card then sandwiched the open ends of the ribbon between the 2 pieces of card making sure my pens and pencils fir snugly then used strong tape to adhere the cod panel to the spine of the boss.  
I covered 2 note books that measure 7.5cm x 13cm  in card stock and decorated them as below 
Well I hope you've enjoyed this weekend's tutorial frenzy!  And we would love to see your creations inspired by these tutorial.  
Have fun
Cary ☺ x 


  1. That is a really neat idea and what a cute box. Thanks for sharing! ��

  2. Thank you for your kind words ☺

  3. fabulous box & well executed - thanks so much for the instructions!

  4. absolutely adorable! Would be a great gift! TFS :)