Friday 14 October 2016

Last but by no means least. ..

Well that's another week of inspiration.  I do hope you've enjoyed the projects and maybe feel inspired to have a go at using masks in your own creations.

For today's project I made my own embossing paste to put through the mask.  My recipe for embossing paste is1/3rd  of a cup of talcum powder, I used baby powder as it smells nice! . To this I add 1 tablespoon of pa glue and 1 tablespoon of white acrylic paint. To this I added water a little at a time until it is smooth and holds its own  just plopping off the spoon. To colour the past I added reinker until it reached the desired colour.
Place the mask over the card and hold down with low tack masking tape  then using a spatula , or in my case an old plastic gift card , apply the paste over the mask. Scrape the excess paste of then carefully remove the mask. Make sure to wash the mask straight away to remove paste. I then sprinkled dazzling diamonds over the wet paste and left to dry. Leave to dry. One dry gently brush excess glitter off.
Well I hope you'll join us next week when Gill will be sharing her beautiful creations with us here ☺ 
So have a great weekend and have fun 
Cary ☺ x 

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