Sunday 2 October 2016

Suitcase and mini album quick tutorial.part 1.....

This is a quick tutorial for the suitcase and mini album I shared on Friday.
I have kept it simple so that you can decorate as you want. So here we go. First the suitcase...
Cut 2 pieces of cardstock that measure  10" × 8" then score at 1" and 2" on each side of both pieces.
Following the photo above remove the corners as shown by the hatched areas. Next apply adhesive as shown below 

Next create the box . Then cut the hinge piece and side pieces as below 

Atattach the panels and hinge as below

 I've used red tape to show where to apply the adhesive. 
To create the corner covers I used a 1 3/2" circle punch that I then folded and cut as below.

The handle is as below.

I applied adhesive to half the flat area of the handles as below
I then made the tab that I used to hide the thin magnets that I used as my closure.  

Well I hope that all makes sense and is helpful  ☺

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