Thursday 13 October 2016

Sometimes simple is best....

Well we all know how expensive postage has become and sometimes you make a beautiful card full of detail and layers and dimension pop it in an envelope go to the post office and nearly fall through the floor with shock at the price!
Well today's sample is not going to cost a fortune to produce or post...its a single layer card that still looks, in my opinion stylish and elegant!
I used the 3rd mask to create this card. I cut an oval from copier paper placed it in the center of the mat then placed the mask over the top.secured it in place with low tack masking tape  and used a sponge dauber and real red ink to fill in the mask.
When I finished I carefully removed the mask and the paper oval mask then stamped my sentiment on top.
I also added a sentiment inside the  card and added a little stamped detail along the bottom.
All in all the card is still very thin so will be cheap to post . Very cost effective using less than the  sheet of card stock and then just ink andthe masks that can be used and used and used! I worked out the cost for the card to be less than 25 p!  So quick economic and fun to create ...All in all great for making multiples for christmas! 

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