Friday 12 May 2017

It's all about the spritze .. .

This week has all been about acrylic blocks and using them to create backgrounds that are the star of the show using just inks. Today's samples still uses acrylic blocks but uses marker pens to apply colour. I scribbled the marker pens on the block then spritzed it with a misting of water. For the get well card I used watercolour paper and spritzed that with water before applying the block. This created a quick clean easy watercolour effect.
For the note card I just spritzed the block and applied the block to whisper white cardstock. The amount of water you spritz  on the block effects the outcomes.
Well that's it from me for this week I hope you've enjoyed the inspiration.  Gill will be doing the honours for us and providing us with some fantastic inspiration.
Have fun
Cary x

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