Sunday 28 May 2017

Quick double diamond fold tutorial....

Last Monday I shared a card called a double diamond fold and have now got a quick photo tutorial for the card.
You will need a piece of card measuring the 12cm x29cm..
Now score along the long side at 6cm and 23cm on the long side and 6cm on the short side.
Then mark along the top and bottom at 11cm and 18cm.
Next mark along the Centre  score line at 8.5cm and 20.5cm. Now score between the 11cm and 8.5cm mark and 18cm and 20.5cm mark as shown below.

Now you need to fold all the score lines.

  Then cut yourself 2 5.5cm square mats and one 7.5cm square mat and decorate as desired.
 Glue the large panel just below the Venter score line as shown below.
 Then decode as desired.

I hope this helps but if you need any more information please feel free to contact me. ☺