Sunday 28 May 2017

Notes card box tutorial....

Here's a quick photo tutorial for the note card box that I shared on Friday the 26th of May.
First to make the base of the box  you need a piece of card measuring 24cm x 15.5cm. Score along the long side at 13cm and 16cm. Then score along the short side at 3cm and 12.5cm. As shown below
Next measure and Mark 5cm
 In along the top and bottom edges and cut the corners up to the score lines as shown below.
Now snip up the cut lines at 13cm and 16cm up to the score lines on both sides. Then apply adhesive as shown in the photo below.

Then fold small panels up the sides as below
Now secure the longer panels to the sides to create the bottom of the box.
Now the lid in the original box I shared I used a fabulous foil designer acetate in this tutorial I've used card stock as it's easier to photo.

For the lid you need a piece of card or acetate that measures 15.5cm x 11cm.
Then score along the long side at 3cm and 12.5cm.  Then score along the short side at 6cm and 9cmand the cut along the solid lines as shown below

Apply adhesive oaks shown in the 2 pictures below.

Now attach the lid panel to the base by attaching the inside adhesive to the back of the base as below

Now fold the short pieces up to create the lid.
Then take apiece of card measuring 13cm d 9cm and cover back panel .I then decorated my box with pattern paper and punched Nd stamped the daisy embellishments. The scalloped edge to the lid was created using a Thinlits and extra card.
I hope this all makes sense if you have any questions please ask ☺

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