Monday 24 January 2022

Make It Simple Monday - #simplestamping - Happy Hedgehogs

 Hello on this once again very cold but bright day. Today is a special day as it's my grandson's 2nd birthday and I love him to bits. I love all of my grandchildren but this is likely to be my last so he's going to be spoiled just as the others were. Bonus! The bonus is that I get to see him grow up as we all live together, fantastic! Anyway, crafting, I've made a very simple card today using the very cute and Happy Hedgehogs. 

Now there's not a lot in this set and that doesn't bother me at all as if I need to I know that I can add another stamp to it. Not for now but we will see as the week goes on. Using the largest stamp, the flowers, I have centered it and added a few details with the bird and butterfly an then the sentiment. 


Simple enough? I hope so. The reason that we do a #simplestamping Monday is that everyone has to learn how to make a quick and easy card with little or no equipment. Now I know that many of you are very capable crafters and like me do lots of layers, embellishments etc. etc. This was coloured in using once again my granddaughters colouring pencils instead of water brushes, I used my fingers to blend the colours. There is so many ways that we all learn to make card and by showing some of these ideas, we end up with lots of lovely people also making cards too.  

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