Tuesday, 6 June 2017

New Catalogue launch more pictures.
 From the beginning to the end!

We really do believe in our slogan. Inspire. Create. Share.

On the left,
Cary and I looking fresh before the start.

On the right, Deb and her lovely card.
On the right is Debbie and her work.

Lindsey on the left

 Anita on the left and Katie with Allison on the right.
  Debs  managed 4 cards! Well done you!

 Some of the amazing cakes that Dee made for the day. WOW! They were absolutely gorgeous!

The tables all set and ready to go.


On the left is the room before we started and above, Cary and I looking all fresh and ready to go!

Cary and Gill with our very honoured guest Rich Judkins.
 Thank you to all of our friends who joined us on Saturday.
Gill and Cary.


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    1. Hi Cindy,
      thank you so much for your lovely comment. We always like to make sure that our attendees come into a lovely set out room. (It doesn't always work that way but we do try to).
      There are always treats and little extras which are received very well.