Thursday, 6 July 2017

Messy... messy.... messy....

Well everyone who knows me know I'm a bit of a messy Muppet and today's samples prove that!! Lol
I had a bright idea that I could use the baby wipes a bit like a tie dye type of thing??? Well what can I say except please don't try unless wearing gloves cos it sure can get Messy!!!!
First I pleated the baby wipe then I used bakers twine to tie randomly along the length.
 Then I dropped reinkers onto the baby wipes.  I let it sit for a bit to allow the ink to diffuse through the baby wipe.

Then I snipped the twine and before I opened it up I swapped it across some glossy card stock. Which I used as a background for this card. I stamped over it using basic black archival ink.

Then I opened it up and pressed piece of card on top. I then stamped using the basic blackarchival ink again  used it to create this card

Then I opened it fully and layed it on top of white card stock. And this is the card I made using this piece.

All in all I had great...if messy fun 😉


  1. I love it because with one wipe and some drops of ink. About how many drops of each colour you use?
    The effect is so great and different each time. Tha s for sharing

  2. Thank you Lilette I used just a drop at a time until I'd reached the saturation I was about 2 drops at each point. As you say each time it's different but if you place your baby wipes in an air tight container or bag it'll last about 3 weeks 😀
    Have fun playing and we look forward to seeing your creations ☺