Tuesday 21 July 2020

Tips, Tricks and Techniques Tuesday  

Hello again this lovely Tuesday. It has been so warm here recently,
 that it's nice to open the curtains in the morning to feel and see the sunshine.
Today, still using the Loyal Leaves stamp set, I am showing you a card that I have been heat embossing on. More information on the stamp set HERE
The important thing with heat embossing is to not over heat the project. Which sounds very strange I know as you've got to heat it to set the ink and powder on the card. I started with a piece of card, this time in Misty Moonlight and I wiped it thoroughly with the embossing buddy. The purpose of the embossing buddy is to remove all grease and oils from the piece of card which naturally comes from your fingers, biscuits etc. I then inked up the stamp with Versamark. Versamark is a Watermark Stamp Pad. I re-stamped the image time between each stamping. The powder sticks to the ink and then it is heat set with the heat gun. Once stamped all over, I poured the White Embossing powder onto it and tapped the excess off. 
It uses so little powder and I use the tray to catch and pour the powder back into the pot. The small paint brush is to wipe off any excess powder that catches on the card.
My tip that I always advise is when you are ready to set the powder, switch the heat gun on and wait for about 15 to 20 seconds for it to really heat up before pointing it at your work. You are quite likely to burn the powder and the card if you aim the heat gun at it the whole time. Once the gun is hot, point it at your work and then it should take only a matter of seconds then from the powder to turn from greyish and powdery to shiny and set. I have taken a photo of what I use to show you. I use a giant wooden peg to hold my work as it saves me burning my fingers! 
Heat guns get VERY HOT and WILL burn!! 
The other thing I will advise you is to not press too hard on the stamp as the Versamark will mark your card and once set it will not be removed as you can see in my 1st picture. 
You can see that I have stamp and block marks across the piece of card. Not what you want to see on your finished project. 

As you can see I stamped and fussy cut another leaf and mounted it on top of the central leaf 
to add some dimension.

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