Friday 9 October 2020

Fun fold Friday Ornamental Envelopes

 Today's fun fold Friday card is the last card that I'll be sharing this week showcasing the Ornamental Envelopes stamps. 

I have chosen to use another unusual colour pallette for a Christmas card. The rich teal and soft turquoise highlighted with white embossing is rather elegant. 

The card is a 14.85cm x 14.85cm square base with an appature that allows the center to pop through. The center panel is a piece of card measuring 14.85cm x 29.7cm scored at 14.85cm  and then at 7.4cm in from both ends. On one end mark in 2cm from each edge on the short side and cut upto the first score line. Then cut along the score line and remove the panel. The scorelines should be folded mountain,  mountain and valley. The first panel, only the 2 legs are remaining, is  attached to the back of the front of the card. The opposite end of the card panel is attached to the inside right side of the card base.  Please see the photos below for a better explanation 😅 Now it's time to decorate you card. I used circle dies to create a center panel and decorated it with baubles. I used the stamps from the Ornamental Envelopes stamps to create a wresth around the appature.  

Well that's it from me if you'd like to purchas the stamp and any of the other materials I've used this week please click HERE

Please join us next week when Gill will be inspiring us with her creations. 

Have a good weekend and maybe enjoy some crafting .

Have fun

Cary xx