Wednesday 2 December 2020

Watercolour Wednesday Peace and Joy bundle

 Now if you know me you know I like to make a messy background 🤪  well for today's watercolour project I had fun!! Even though it wasn't that messy to do 😉 I wanted to create a background so that I cude showcase the fab Peace and Joy bundle as the dies cut out not just words but the shadow layers behind them!! Saves a lot of fussy cutting 😉

But lets start at the beginning. To make the background I used shimmery white cardstock but you could use watercolour paper or even thick white cardstock.  I then chose 2 ink pads, the ink has to be a water based ink for this to work. Then I dabbed the ink onto a silicon mat. To activate the ink I spritzed it liberally with water. 

Then I dabbed my cardstock into the wet ink moving it around to cover the cardstock. 

Now I wanted a stronger look so I dried the cardstock thoroughly and repeat the process.  The important part here is to dry between each layer of ink so that you build up the effect..

I got so carried away with playing that I forgot to take a photo of it after I'd done the second and third layers 🙈 sorry. But here's a close up of the finished project that shows the effect. 

Once my background was dry I set about die cutting . I wanted to create a technique called eclipse layering. Which is where the word or shape is cut from the background and popped up on 3D foam to give a subtle but interesting effect. But as I have the fab Peace and Joy dies to play with I cut the shadow layer from my background and then used my highlight colour to cut the finer layer from.

I hope you'll have a go at this fun watercolour technique and don't forget to share your creations.

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