Monday 30 August 2021

Make it simple Monday Penguin Place

 I do like a stamp set that covers multiple occasions.  I also like one that can be used for #simplestamping projects. I like stamp sets that have a selection of sentiments. I like stamp sets that will appeal to all ages. And I've  got one such set to share with you guys this week!! Called Penguin Place this super fun set has lots to offer!

Penguin Place simple stamping easy card

For today's Make it Simple Monday inspiration as always I'm  just using stamps, ink and paper. I have created what I call  scene latouts for my cards and used different occassions and colour palettes to creat different cards. 

The basic  layout is the same for both the Christmas and birthday cards. I started out by stamping the black components,  the penguin and  the swosh ( a curve that creates a hill). 

I then dressed the penguin a bow tie for the birthday and a scarf and wooly hat for the Christmas one. I did of course give him a beak and feet!

Now to customise the card for the event. Christmas trees with stars atop and a Christmas greeting on one. On the other a pile of gifts and a balloon. 

For this first set of inspiration I went for what I call a primary colour palette.  Red, blue , green yellow and orange in clear bold shades.

Penguin place simple stamping easy cardmaking

Once I'd completed this pair I thought how would they work with a different colour palette 🤔 So I pulled out a selection of inks that were still blue, green, yellow, orange and red bases. But this time the tones and hues were what I call a more contemporary palette. I used a pink instead of red, a softer green , a turquoise shade of blue and softer shades of yellow and orange. 

The layouts are identical just different colours yet they create a different feel to the cards.

Penguin place simple stamping easy cards

So which do you prefer primary? Or contemporary? 

Penguin place simple stamping easy card making

Penguin Place simple stamping easy card making

As always on a Monday there will be a Facebook live over on our page at 4pm BST. I will be sharing how I made these cards.  I will add a link here later once I've gone live.

Here's the Video

Have fun and would love to have you join me on Facebook later if you can please say Hi. Xx

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