Tuesday 24 May 2016

Instructions for Fan

Fan Instructions from Art Deco style card.

 I started by using a square 21 cm by 21 cm.
Cut the square in half diagonally. You will only need one of the traingles.

Lay the triangle on the Scoreboard against the measuring bar so that the centre point is on a groove.
Score from the top to the bottom on one side of the centre point, then repeat on the other side.


The triangle completely scored. 
Fold the triangle lines up and down like a fan.

 Using a Score tool, reinforce the crease on each line and on both sides of the triangle.

 One half folded .

The triangle completely folded and scored.  
Your Fan should now look like this above.

 Continue the folding and scoring then using Tombow glue I put some between each of the folds.

 Do the same on the other side of the triangle. This will help the fan to stay tight.

 I tend to add a small bulldog clip on the end to help the glue while it dries. 
Usually, it only takes a couple of minutes just while I'm putting the tools away.

The completed fan. 
I hope this helps you to make some lovely projects. 
Please send a picture to Cary or me to show what you've made.
Thank you.


  1. Thank you Heather. Please could you send us a picture when you've made a project using it?