Thursday 8 December 2022

This or That Thursday gift card and packaging ideas

 Gift boxes come in all shapes and sizes and can be filled with many things. Yesterday's box was cute and not overly large. Today's is much bigger! Big enough for a half bottle of presseco or any other goodies you like 😉.

The box is made from 2 simple boxes of the same size. How do they stay together? Well with very simple inner and outer bands!

Start by taking 2 pieces of cardstock measuring 29.7cm x 17cm.  Next score it along the long side at 7cm, 14cm, 21cm and 28cm. The at 7cm along the short side. 

Then cut up to the score line as shown below. Remove the tab as shown.

Santa gift box stampin up

The box is then folded and adhered along the side tab. Fold the bottom in adhering each layer to create a strong bottom and top for the box.

Next create the insert for the bottom box. I used the same colour cardstock.  The insert measures 29.7cm x 4cm and is scored at 6.9cm, 13.8cm, 20.7cm and 27.6cm. Adhere the insert into a square uing the small tab. Now adhere to the inside of the box bottom so that half is showing above the top.

For the outside band I chose to use a different colour cardstock so that it became a feature of the box.  The cardstock measures 29.7cm x 4 cm but is scored at 7.1cm, 14.2cm, 21.3cm and 28.4cm.  Adhere to the box that is going to be the top at the open end . I wrapped it around with the box adhering it so that it was appropriately 2cm over the edge of the box.

This is the basic design . I  decorated mine to give the feel of Father Christmas in his red outfit. I used red cardstock for the boxes and black for the outer band. A small piece of gold sparkle for his belt and it was finished.

Santa gift box stampin up

The inner and outer bands make sure the base and lid stay together snuggly. 

Santa gift box stampin up

I really liked the look of this gift box. It's simplicity is elegant. .. But then my imagination got going and I came up with this version. .

I die cut a circle of white cardstock with a scalloped edge. I then used some puffy white paint to create some texture to his beard added a small pink circle for his nose.  I then cut it to fit over the front of the box and attatched it to a 7cm square of red cardstock and stuch it to the top of the box and voila!!
Isn't he cute 🎅 ?
 So now I don't know which I prefer 🤔 with out beard? Or with? Decisions, Decisions!! Which do you prefer this?

Santa gift box stampin up

Or That?....

Santa gift box stampin up

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