Friday 9 September 2016

All together....

Keep all those important details together in one convenient place...and maybe keep prying eyes away from what Santa has in store for them?
Today's project is a case that contains note pads, post it notes, pen, pencil and highlighter plus and perhaps most important a wallet to hold all those receipts just in case. ..! Lol
Well I hope that I've not scared you all away with talk of Christmas so early! Normal services will be resumed next week when Gill takes the helm and provides us with her wonderful samples and inspiration.
Have a good weekend and have fun
Cary ☺ x


  1. I had to come over from FB to see what you were all about. I love learning new things and I love all your stuff. :)

  2. Thank you so much your kind words mean a lot Gill and I love to create and love to share what we love ☺ have fun Cary ☺ x