Thursday 31 August 2023

This or That Thursday it's a Science

 Here in Vegas the colours are bright , bold and blingey so my cards for today had to have a little of that Vegas drama!!! I have made the same card but in 2 different colours using the fun It's a Science stamps .

My first card was made using my favourite sparkley pink cardstock.  Called Soft shimmer speciality paper it comes in a fab range of colours including 2 shades of pink!

Now because I wanted to create cards that reflect the bright lights of Las Vegas I chose the bright pink for my first version.

It's a Science stampin up positiveness card

I paired the shimmer paper with a beautiful piece of paper from the absolutely stunning Stargazing patterned paper . This pattern paper is an all time favourite of mine I have to admit.

My next colour choice was the oh so elegant navy shimmer.  It combines so beautifully with the papers and the bright blue of the cardstock I chose to use.

It's a Science stampin up positiveness card
I used silver embossing powder for all my images and sentiments for these cards both inside and on the front of the cards. I think it adds a great touch to the cards.

It's a Science stampin up positiveness card

So which do you prefer? The pink version?  Or the blue? I  started with the pink but changed to the blue  after I'd made it 🤣 oh dear decisions decision! 

It's a Science stampin up positiveness card

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