Tuesday 3 November 2020

Tips, Tricks and Techniques Tuesday Coming Home

 Today's card features the coordinating dies for the Coming Home stamp set. I have also updated a technique that I haven't used in a very long time Iris Folding. 

My simplified version is made using simple narrow strips of patterned paper layered behind an appature. 

I used the largest house die and cut the appature in the centre of a piece of white card.  Next I used an embossing filder and embossed the white piece then on the reverse placed adhesive tape all around the appature. 

I then cut narrow strips of patterned paper called Trimming the Town from Stampin' Up!.  I stuck them at an angel starting from one side and continued until the appature was covered.

To finish the card I cut the appature again but in red cardstock.  I then drew around the die lightly in pencil and cut to create a small frame. I used this to highlight the appature. 

Iris Folding is  a great technique but my faux version is much easier.  It's not the same but I do like the effect  😊 Do you?

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