Monday 13 November 2023

Make It Simple Monday - Silly Goose1

 Hello and thank you for popping by. This week, I am going to be showing some projects made with the lovely Silly Goose stamp set. NOw one of my sister's was born on Christmas day so we always celebrated her birthday on Christmas Eve as well as on her birthday. I would have put Happy Christmas on the card too but as I said we always kept the 2 occasions seperate for her on purpose. It wasn't fair for her to miss out. This card is a bit of a joke for her as ther is no way on earth could any of us forget her birthday!! As I'm sure you can imagine. 

A very simple card with 2 strips of paper and the silly goose stamped onto an odd circle that I had. 



  1. I bet your sister loved this! Can you tell me what you use to stick the paper down with please as I noticed there's no bubbles from wet glue so maybe you use a tape runner! X X

    1. Thank you she sure did! We use both liquid glue and tape as well as a tape runner. The art is to use quality paper and use thee adhesive sparingly 🙂