Saturday, 25 November 2017

Tutorial - Card Fold

 Card Folding               

I'm not sure what this card fold is called or even if it has a name.I played with a piece of paper one day and got this shape. I've seen several different cards made like this since.  
So I clearly had the same idea as someone else!

I started by cutting a C6 mat at 10.5cm by 29.7 cm and scored the centre fold 
at 14.85 cm along the long edge.     
The 2nd piece of card is 20 cm by 20 cm. Scored at 10 cm across the middle once only.
Then score diagonally across the 4 corners.            

Measuring 5 cm from each corner, I scored the line up to the diagonal score line.
This is done on all 4 corners to show a box shape. Sorry, my photos aren't that brilliant.

Once all the score lines are done, fold up and the card will look like this above. 

Now measure, cut and make the mats for the back of the card leaving the 2 panels as shown as they will be hidden. 
Yes, I decorated the back too as it will be on show. 

 I decorated the front in a similar way only this time I did all of the panels.
I then added a piece of DSP to the C6 card base as shown just so that when 
the inner card is added, it doesn't show the card base.

Both cards above ready for putting together. 
First of all, lay the inner card inside the outer one so that it sits well inside.
Holding it still, (if possible), remove the tape cover and close one side of the card.

Turn the whole card over and repeat the process. 
Your card is now ready to decorate as you want.

I used the Card Front Builder Thinlits to decorate this one. 
I heat embossed the messages, tree and the Jingle.

I hope you manage to follow my instructions on this. 
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you, Gill

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