Monday 16 November 2020

Make it simple Monday Wishes and Wonder

 As I sit writing this post it is a dreary,  dull day. Why is this important? I hear you ask. Well for me not only as a crafter but in general I need colour!! I love all colours  but I am usually drawn to bright or rich hues. But for todays #simplestamping cards I've used more gentle, subtle shades. The inspiration this week will feature the Wishes and Wonder stamps which at first glance call out for rich colours to me. So for something different I went the opposite way!! 🤪

Now these are super simple cards  sometimes known as single layer cards. The reason for this is that the sentiment is stamped directly onto the card. These cards are great for new stampers and those who wish to create quick,  or multiple cards alike.

Now my question to you is which is your favourite?  Green? Blue? Or Pink?

I can't decide!! You choose and comment below.

 wishes and wonder stampin up simple stamping quick cards  beginner

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