Thursday, 13 June 2019

Dazzling diamonds glitter..

Do you love colour? Is coloured glitter even better? Well dazzling diamonds glitter from Stampin Up  comes as a colourless/ white glitter but guess what???? Add a few drops of classic stampin ink refill and you can have any colour you wish!! And they all coordinate with the stampin up colours!!! 😁😁😁 glitter heaven!!!
To achieve  the coloured glitter is soooo easy just decant the amount of dazzling diamonds glitter you wish to use, always allow a little extra you never know 😉. The gently drop a single drop of reinker in and stir it in until it's fully mixed in. You can then add more drops one at a time until you have the colour you want. Now the hard part..wait! You have to wait until the glitter is dry before you use it 😊
Today's sample uses 4 different coloured dazzling diamonds glitter. I used tear n tape double sided adhesive tape to create the stripes.  An easy way to get the glitter where you want it!!
I'm not sure the photos do the sparkle justice but I promise in real life they are sparklelicious 😀

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